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Chapter 32: Page 20
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3 page update!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Page 20

        1. From my understanding, Pitch and Pure started out as animal versions of Black and White, respectively, because they have several conversations about what animal each of them would be (White is a wolf, Black is a rabbit, Jad is a moose, Yaldar a hawk, etc). So Dee made designs for them. And they’ve since evolved into their own characters, and recently she’d been redesigning them. I don’t know if links work on here, but…


          Pure and Pitch:

          if those don’t work, you can find them by browsing through her tumblr, greyismanga.tumblr.com

        2. Pitch and Pure are characters dee created a bunny and a wolf who are in the beginning resembled black and White , but later look more animal than human.

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