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Chapter 32: Page 23
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Chapter 32: Page 23

One page update today~

Next update is 3 pages that conclude the chapter ūüėÄ

14 thoughts on “Chapter 32: Page 23

  1. Yalder face is emotionless but only on that pic he smiled a bit. Black is really a victim of love -_-

  2. Gwaaaah! this page make me feel really happy, confused and awkward at the same time. Yaldar is playing with my heart and with black’s heart too <\\\\\3
    p.s: the new header of the webpage is really cuuuuuuute.

    Im excited about the end of this chapter.

  3. I love how everyone just kind of stares at Yaldar as he casually walks in like NBD!! Can’t wait for a new update next weeeeeeek ūüôā

    1. lol everything Yaldar does is with NBD face. Under table reading. Under table eating. eating sandwich in front of mirror. sleeping on stairs.

        1. I have fallen asleep on steps before! I was sleepy and waiting for a friend, and I just…. fell asleep on the stairs haha.

      1. Ritta and Violet especially are looking at Yaldar like he just got off the mothership. xD

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