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Chapter 33: Page 03
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9 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Page 03

  1. Alright I absolutely love this manga and I read it (or what was out at the time) a year or so ago and I’ve recently started following it again. I didn’t understand it completely the first time (but still love it) and I still don’t quite get some things. Is Black or Yaldar the patient? And Yaldar was the one who abused Black, right? And Yaldar is alive, somewhere… right? I’m going to reread it but I’d just love it if someone could answer these questions.

    1. Mainly could someone tell me what’s up with the therapist — the new arc, basically, because I am conFUSED. THANKS SO MUCH LOVE THIS MANGA KEEP A SMILE ON AND KEEP DRAWING!!

      1. So far the patient is black! I am going to give you my evaluation of the story. IF you have noticed dee sensei has a unique way of writing and especially the way she writes the intro of the story. We started with the therapist arc as a way to be introduced to black and white childhood arc and more on yalder as well. dee sensei writes in a very non liner way so we try to combine the puzzles one by one in a way to understand the story in exciting manner.
        Yaldar was the one who abused Black: yes and yalder was portrayed as a hawk man!! some mysterious revolving around black is starting to reveal unlike white there’s still so many mysterious around him and only few have been revealed so far.

  2. I’m really curious to see what’s next!!!
    I really love your manga Dee?

    I hope you never give up doing beautifull things like Grey is…!!!

  3. I felt there is Anthony wrong with white but I couldn’t tell so the truth will be revealed keep the good work ? Dee-sana

  4. Oh, yes! We will finally find out why White’s father is so disliked. So curious! Although it’s kind of obvious already from this page 😀

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