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Chapter 33: Page 07
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8 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Page 07

  1. The imagery of White as puzzle pieces is PERFECT. He asks why his dad is so good with fictional characters he creates, but not with real people….asked myself the same about a parent who is a great, caring teacher, but own child is ignored, like the puzzle pieces here, un-necessary, un-needed, unwanted….surplus to requirements.

  2. Yeah… It’s not strange that both White and Black have problems now, when they have suffered that much when they were child…

  3. So basically, Jad’s faults were not simply being a bad father. Because for now, he seems a decent one. His faults were having an affair and making White’s mother leave, causing him loneliness. That is my guess for now. But honestly, his mother sayng her son does not exist seems much worse then cheating. I mean, it’s not the kid’s fault.

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