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Chapter 33: Page 23
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So, Black wasn’t the suicidal kid you all thought he was since ch1 ._.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Page 23

  1. Black is thinking like a child here haaah of course a fall from a balcony to get bruises won’t kill anyone! I didn’t really think of the reason and thought it was obvious.

    more importantly, what the cause of Black’s memory loss? he is a child and has memory loss! it must be something serious ^~^

  2. This wasn’t that shocking to me since I’ve always seen Black as a fighter. Even when he self harms, he’s fighting the voices and phantoms in his head because he wants to live. Black deeply cares about his loved ones but Yaldar exploited Black’s giving nature.

  3. It’s odd, I actually never thought Black was suicidal, I really don’t know what I thought when you first introduced the roof scene. To me he’s always been this ball of complex emotions ever churning and to label him one or the other of things never seemed to fit him. But of course I never think to far into things and just like to watch a story unfold.

    But I also love that you showed us more of this picture here with Black and White as it cleared a cloudy part up in my brain I had been silently wondering for a while now.

  4. Thats shocking to me. I always felt that black was a suicidal kid!! but he’s kind and gentle and really would protect his big brother badly T_T

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