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Chapter 33: Page 26
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Read ahead?

7 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Page 26

  1. This is so beautiful it makes me want to cry. I can relate to white and thats why I feel sad when the story is from his pov. youre really great Dee! Cant wait for the next chapter.

  2. Maybe Black gave him a tiny bit ray of hope and maybe, just maybe his subconscious wanted to take the chance one more time?

  3. Aside from the breathtaking lines, this chapter is too melancholic and so deep. White has reached the level of sadness where you can quite control it and coexist with it. This page portrayed white’s broken heart very well to me, I felt so sad for white. Thank you, ms. dee, I’m new reader and I’m truly happy for knowing this gorgeous work of art ~ best of luck.

  4. Like you said…the story turned. Where Black seemed like the one with suicidal ideation, White does instead. It makes me sad when he says the piece shouldn’t exist… *huggles White*

    1. Ahh yes.
      I wasn’t sure it’ll be clear, and honestly didn’t really want to state it directly.
      But since you’ve just put it into words yourself… White himself was surprised at his actions. Hence, “why did I do that?”

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