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Chapter 34: Page 16
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brace yourselves! All reasons revealed in 5 pages~

5 thoughts on “Chapter 34: Page 16

  1. all the sad, broken young men…boys really….it’s heartrendending–as in it just rends/tears to shreds my heart, not just a clean break. Sadly, they carry their trauma around & age chronologically, but never actually grow up. They can’t get past the scar tissue that’s grown around the original wound to their heart…

  2. Yaldar thoughts and analyzing of his surroundings. It’s sad to be seen sitting far from the father. Yaldar is holding the burden of two on him, first there were 2 burdens but was distributed then became one burden =2X weight . How much yaldar is being deprived of love is painful at such a delicate age.

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