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Chapter 34: Page 23
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4 thoughts on “Chapter 34: Page 23

  1. Hello, just wanted to point out that you forgot the letter T in “was probably “he” worst thing yaldar did..”
    Keep up the good work!

  2. So… (tell me if I’m wrong, please) Yaldar and Izar were lonely because of his father and they hated him for his beings , but as they were two, they were toghether in all and felt better. When Izar died and Black borned, Yaldar thought that he and Black could get on well and both be together against dad, thinking that the new borned would be as Izar. But for some reason, dad started acting well towards Black and the other kids, placing Yaldar asside. So Yaldar felt lonely and envided Black and still wanted another Izar in him, so he tried to put hate on little Black by abusing him in his trying of have someone like Izar(?).

    1. yes i think, but there’s something i’m confused about. did yaldar’s dad abuse him/izar/both of them in any way back then?

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