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Chapter 36: Page 16
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Chapter 36: Page 16

dum dum dum

8 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Page 16

  1. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAAAAATTTT???? I’m not sure if I should be freaking out but I am!

    Ps. Damn man you’re art has seriously upgraded <333 I love it

  2. Woooow lots of whaats !!! And who’s the crazy mother !!!? Andd why would she compare black’s dad to white !!?? Lot’s of confusion and no update! Plz update faster pleeeease

  3. so jad thinks black is bad influence/ a bad person for white to hang out with… because he knew about black’s father and yaldar’s case…..????(??)?

    1. More on this later, but he doesn’t think Black is bad influence. Just that he’s related to people of his (Jad’s) past that he would rather not have to deal with again.

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