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Chapter 36: Page 21
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3 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Page 21

  1. It would be a tad unrealistic if White was schizophrenic as a kid because I used to read a lot about schizophrenia and how it affected kids in particular and it is extremely rare. The youngest kid recorded to have schizophrenia was a girl named Jan who was diagnosed at age 6 and is still alive now (I believe she is a pre-teen atm). Her story is so very interesting but also immensely horrifying and uncomfortable. Schizophrenia in young children is something very rare and very serious. If White had schizophrenia at such a young age, he would be extremely unsettling, violent, and a danger to himself and others; in which case, Black is more like it as of now (emotionally, damaging) but White is so much in his head- They are both grey however, so, being a very emotional and very thoughtful person myself (with both mental and emotional issues to cope with) I feel like they both not only compliment each other in a more literal sense but are also very alike in the inside, being Grey (is hard). I feel both of them on his one. I don’t want to grow up… But I do.

  2. Oh!
    At first I thought that Black was the schizophrenic… But now the theory can change to Black being White’s invention…
    I need moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I need to know the truthhhhhhhhhhh

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