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Chapter 36: Page 23
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6 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Page 23

  1. i don’t get anything now…. i need.. moar…. *dies*

    this is such a masterpiece and my favorite manga of all time, dee you are amazing and i respect you so much :”)

  2. I wish I could forget I’ve ever read this manga and re-read it all over again. Love your work as always.

  3. Oh my god! I reach the last page! Can’t believe it! Just started reading this manga/webtoon earlier on Webtoon app!!! This is such a wonderful creation! It’s like a masterpiece to me!!! I really regretted when I ignored this on MangaFox!!! But really, author… I just can’t believe that there is such a person who could create a masterpiece!!! I am really honored! *bow*

  4. Argh so vague I’m dying xAx)/ what happened between Jad and violet? ;A; and what is wrong with my beautiful son TAT

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