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Chapter 37/38: Page 26
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Chapter 37/38: Page 26

This is the end of volume 5 and this whole journey of flashbacks through the case files of Danial Grey and his “patient”. Next book will go back to present time with new perspectives on the boys; Black has his memories back now and your new informations about White in this book/arc and his new place here with Dr. Danial.

The webcomic will go on hiatus for a while now.

I hope you enjoyed this arc! thanks a lot for reading and commenting <3

23 thoughts on “Chapter 37/38: Page 26

  1. I’ve read “Grey Is…..” all the evening and I don’t have words to say how much I liked your comic !
    It’s always difficult to treat a such subject…. But you managed to find the good words and the characters’ reactions were really realistic ! ( I especially enjoy Black and the complex mind and behaviour of him. )
    So I am very happy to having discovered this work and I would like having this serie in my bookcase! 😉

    I saw you regularly thanked people for supporting you, but I don’t see so much people thank you for having shared a such (very) sad but “beautiful” story. I mean, the theme is dark but you treat it in a beautiful way. I really understand Black’s mind and his behaviour, his struggle to keep moving despite his past, his fear to become also an abusive person ; my eyes just wanna cry the tears he doesn’t want to weep (;-;)

    That is why I really want to thank you. So, thank you so much DeeJuusan for all ^^
    I hope this serie won’t become an hiatus but I’ll wait the next 😉

    Sorry, my English is not very well (I am not an English-speaker)
    Kiss from France ^^

  2. Oooooooh…! I’m excited to read the next chapters, I really can’t wait. I really like the site update, too.

    Thank you for this great story.

    1. I’m asking because I love it so, so much! I connect so well with Black and his self-harm issue. Some of the things he says about why he does it are so perfect! It’s like he’s saying thoughts in my head I never knew how to express!! I so badly want a physical copy of it! Please take your time, though, I know how stressing big projects like this can be. Thank you so much for this, it’s seriously changed my life.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! Right now it’s only available in my personal online store which you can find on the upper left menu.

  3. Wow!! I’ve devoured to read until recent chapters.
    It’s very good!! Same! Your comics and rhythm reading inspires me!
    Keep shining your story with these cute boys !!
    I can not wait to see the next chapter !!!

    Congratz!! 😀

  4. Take your time of course but man I can’t wait for hiatus to end, I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting for that next tiny bit of information to piece the puzzle together more and more. I think my sister will enjoy having a break from me ranting about this great comic though.

    1. Haha all the things sisters go through for one another XD I do the same with mine; with Grey is and my fav fandoms lol
      I hope this won’t take long! Thanks a lot Gabby <3

  5. OMG!!! there is no words no explain how this arc was amazing some of many covered secrets have revealed I liked many things about it drawing and how you send the message keep up the good work Dee Good Luck :’D

  6. i love this story so much, i read it when i was 11 and coming back three years later – and rereading it all – i understand it so much better and can enjoy it a lot more, keep up the flawless work!

    1. Man! Such comments always please me. Thank you so much <3 I truly appreciate that you came back to it and I hope you continue to enjoy it

  7. White looks awful! Has he been crying?

    I love this story and your art. I cannot wait to see how the boys will go forward.

    1. Thank you so much dear! If you remember, by the end of volume 4, White had a cold. This visit is in the present time right after Black remembered everything he’d been forgetting

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