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Chapter 39: Page 14
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He’s a mess!

7 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Page 14

  1. I’m getting the very ominous feeling (after rereading, when Black assumes he was in ‘Prison’, and receiving that reaction), that White was in some sort of facility during his absence. Not on suicide watch or anything, just to gather himself, because he never seems to focus on everyone else but him, and I’m rambling.

      1. I feel White owe black for saving his life, because black accepted him the way he is and didn’t abandon him as we saw giving the hat back to white for safekeeping. Also white is loyal to black, protects him and thinks about him as a true friend. Also I feel that White feels he’s needed around black and as he’s EX said you are like a superman!
        That’s why I am interested to know the reasons that made him leave Black?? is it a secret that was discovered. Or feeling helpless when he couldn’t feel like “he can protect”? There are so many questions that I would love to know the answers to. So let’s sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂

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