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Chapter 39: Page 15
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not want to  leave eh?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Page 15

  1. In a previous chapters White told Black that he’s staying for “good”. Then Jad explained that he’s staying until he helped Black and he can move on. This page shows that White is hesitating to leave Black or wondering (his thoughts are not clear at this point), which makes me think did he actually put special condition and time limit for staying with Black. White has a “secret” maybe, Which is the reason he left Black in the first place. I have a speculation that maybe white knew an old secret that the adults has done and that staying with Black gives him indirectly a sense of regret and sadness. I need more pages to confirm some of my doubts then we will see >_>

  2. Just the fact that White’s desire to leave diminished the slightest bit brought me to tears Q^Q

    1. The happenings during the tour arc affected him deeply. Especially ch25.5 when Black flat out thanked him appreciating everything White had done for him so far.

  3. Black’s a mess, but it looks like White is messed up, too. He normally seems so in control, but he seems so lost here. Its good that he doesn’t want to leave, but then he goes on to say he’s not sure. This page broke my heart. Poor White.

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