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Chapter 39: Page 18
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12 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Page 18

  1. Dr you just hit the nerve >_< now thinking about it why did they get in an accident? is there a reason or just destiny? Also who was driving? Also that scene I thought black already had a bad memory since childhood? or maybe white did'nt give a strong impression on Black? also how did Black obtained Ameer laptop? now this is confusing.

  2. So many questions, so little time. I cannot wait to find out more about this mysterious accident that seems to be the source of everything

  3. OMG he was in the accident with Ameer?
    !!!!! I thought Ameer was coming to see him. Oh that isn’t what you said. Ameer’s death messed with him.

  4. Black was in the accident!? Is THAT why he was in the hospital after Ameer died? Not because he wasn’t taking care of himself?

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