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Chapter 39: Page 32
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5 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Page 32

  1. So he met/saw Black THAT early?! At least it feels like it, I always wondered why Yaldar was  never seen by a doctor as a young boy but maybe he was? Maybe he was Danial’s patient?? And that would make the white haired youger brother Black, now why is White saying he’s his brother hummmmm or maybe I just took this all page wrong hehe

    1. ahhh phew! I’m glad you got that much. That it’s White and he saw Black and that Yaldar was Danial’s patient. Now the whole he’s my brother is just random kids babbling. He saw his hair is white and his clothes were probably white and claimed him his brother and named him White.

      now it sounded like Black was a pet to kid! white lol

      1. Yay then I wasn’t wrong! This chapter is being so cool I can’t wait to learn more secrets you keep adding depth to the boys relationship even when I think their lifes can’t be more entangled you show us a new knot, it makes things a little different every time 😀

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