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Chapter 39: Page 38
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Chapter 39: Page 38

and we have the first page of Yaldar’s Journals (the one Inad told him to keep up with at the beginning of this chapter.)

Also, Ch40 PV

6 thoughts on “Chapter 39: Page 38

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  2. Wow…I am really digging the new header, and I wanna know what White is about to tell Daniel. What that one more thing is. >w<

    The journal page is also very insightful of what goes on in Yaldar’s page. Phew…I look forward to more!

  3. Thank you dee. Youre amazing and inspiring artist/storyteller. I hope one day i could be like you. Having a story to tell but cant find the correct wordz and put it in true order is really hard.

    And you know, one of my friends pushed me to write my toughts dreams everything in my mind on a paper 2 or 3 months ago. She said “its hard to carry weight of toughts. if you write them on a paper youll feel lighter. Youre feeling like drowning in a ocean. Imagine what could it ve like wearing a iron helmet in ocean. It pulls you down into darkness. Write, it doesnt matter its a good story or dream or a nightmare. Because theres no diffence between a war helmet and golden crown in water. You should just take it off.”  i think thats way inad told yaldar to write everything. I feel like we’ll learn lots of thing in chapter 40 about yaldar and black’s relationship.

    And there is a love story called “Ferhat & Şirin” i wonder is that cats name  coming from this story.

    And again thank you dee. Thats a incredible journey, reading this story.

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