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Chapter 41: Page 05
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6 thoughts on “Chapter 41: Page 05

  1. I’ve run out of words to describe how much I love this comic. The second I saw volume  6 preorder come out I ordered it. this will be the 4 book in a row that I’ve preorder. your art has just gotten better and better. Every time one of the boys suffers I feel like crying but I still can’t wait to see where this takes us

  2. I feel like your artwork is getting better and better! I’m in love with your fluid motions and those vivid facial expressions <3_<3

  3. I’m finally caught up. I’ve been a patreon getting weekly updates since you announced it, so I’m glad I finally had the time to catch up. Now I can enjoy the early sneak peaks more. I loooooove the boys and I’ve been reading this so slowly to enjoy it but today I just couldn’t stop and I read everything from chapter 22. I’ll finally sleep now xD

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