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Chapter 41: Page 24
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One thought on “Chapter 41: Page 24

  1. YOUR.ART.HAS.GOTTEN.SO.FREAKING.GOOOOD. i know im commenting on a random page out of the blue, but i was reading the first few chapters and wanted to check out your art process. AND YOUVE IMPROVED SO MUCH ITS REALLY INSPIRING. the way you draw shadows and highlights is so mesmerizing. the way you draw the characters now feels so real. i dont mean like realism in art, but like, i can actually feel their emotions much more clearly. you really are inspiring, esp with the fact that youve chosen such a story to write about. you get the feels right. you talk about issues i havent seen a lot of people nail right. your characters even though at face value seem like copy-cats of famous stereotypical troupes, arent! you are a great artist and a great inspiration for many young artists who are beginning their art journey. keep the amazing work up, and i’m looking forwards to more stories from different genres by you!

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