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Chapter 41: Page 26
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 41: Page 26

  1. I wanna share something here, for this page. Im a medical student im gonna be a doctor few years later (inşAllah). Last year (my first year as a uni student) i had major depressive disorder. It wasnt related school actually. But it was a real burden for my lessons. You know lessons were hard and i was so lost in my head. I didnt studied for exams really hard. Second semestr i realized im about to fail this year so i had to re-take all year(it works like that in my school. If you fail you have to repeat that year) so i studied really hard for last exam. Like 3 weeks without sleep. In the end i failed. All my friends (only 3 people) are passed that exam. So i put a smile on my face and said “it looks like im stupid, its not that important anyway. Congrats my friends” after that moment i fall into pieces. I was already a mess. Every moment every second that i could study but i didnt, hit me. I cried until asleep. Next day i was totally numb. First day of my repeat year, i saw my friends i couldnt say a word. they were right infront of me but it felt like hundreds of kilometers. This year is coming to the end but i didnt make even 1 friend. I hope i can pass this exam. Maybe that gap could lessen a bit. When i saw this page. I nearly cried. Even now my eyes are wet. Dee. Youre a great artist. I hope one day i can be like you. I hope you continue this great work. And inspire people like me. When i read this Im feeling like im not the only one who like that. Thank you dee .

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