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Chapter 42: Page 01
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One thought on “Chapter 42: Page 01

  1. I love how this image illustrates that he was thrown into water, a new situation unexpectedly. When a person falls into water they thrash about, gasping for air, choking and sputtering. They have very limited time to figure out how to deal with the situation and assess how to save themselves. Three outcomes- Someone sees you struggling and pulls you free. You fight with all your might and use every last bit of strength and willpower to stay afloat by any means. Or you get lost in battling the situation and you lose sight of freeing yourself from it and you eventually drown. Maybe you even give up, accept defeat and allow the water to finish you with it’s cruel hand.

    I’m buckling up because this is gonna be rough!
    It’s my 5th time rereading this masterpiece and I see things in a new light every single time, I love it!

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