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Chapter 43: Page 19
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5 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Page 19

  1. Read this manga years ago but was put on hold and forgotten to finish it. I just came back and re-read it, and it’s the same as I remembered. It evoked so many emotions and memories (guess I have a White in my life haha) So keep up the great work. It’s a big success when the moment a reader gets so many feels as a reaction to these pages.

    PS: Your art improves along with effects/background art/landscapes /facial expressions (my fav) and poses, keep it up always. Also lots of thumbs up to dialogues’ editor, whoever it is, they’re getting better and better too. Lots of encouragement for everyone who help out with this manga and can’t wait to read more.

  2. OMG…… Black is going to continue to let Yalder hurt him because he wants to protect White?!?!

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