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Chapter 43: Page 23
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White’s priorities upon waking up; watch –> Black –> coffee

4 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Page 23

  1. I really think that this manga is a gate to the Yaoi world for some girls, becouse there are a lot of moments between white and Black that really can’t happen between two males without being gay. their positions sometimes, ties look and the blushings on their cheeks is not normal, and I’m saying that as a guy who is living in the west . Since gayness is a big sin, really big one and might even be bigger than you think, I suggest that you reconstruct the chapters  (maybe by adding some pages and omitting ones) because you know Everything in our life should be with respect to Islam, we’re just living for a few years and then none of us will be there, but what will be there is our works actually.

    l really like your style and your skill, and that suggestion for you before it’s for the readers,

    Be well

    1. Thank you for you suggestion, and your care. May it be considered in your good deeds count and I can see your honest intentions. We are all judged by our intentions in the end.
      I wonder if you’ve read the story or you’re just judging it based on still photos because anything can seem different from what it is when it’s out of context.
      Either way, I appreciate your comment and your kind words.

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