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Chapter 43: Page 32
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now that this very important scene has finished, we can take a break next week after all the updates with chunks of pages recently. No update next week~

Thank you so much for your comments and interactions with this scene. It’s a very important scene and one that is a milestone in the boys’ lives. I mean, mr. lighthouse actually opened the door a bit.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Page 32

  1. Hay there, i Wanna say, i love how you write it’s so beatiful, you come and say all this words and they just go to you rigth in the head and the heart, its amazing how you do that with just somo words and images, i really love your writen skills, and i just cant wait what Will come next

  2. the relationship between Black and White reminds me of me and best friend, the way they talk to each other’s, the silly stupid fights and the serious fights, the way they shared their pain together and their happiness.. it’s the same ways that i see myself and my close one to me. i always felt that when i started to read Grey is until now. you won’t believe that, but at the first when i started to feel how black felt and what white did, i used to be scared and i stopped reading it for a ling time, but then i started to fight my mind and challenge myself and the whole world, i’v been through a lot but it wasn’t enough, and then i remembered White and Black, and I started to think that not only me who was misunderstood in this world, and there are others like me, and that’s how i understand the world. first of all i should understand the other’s and i started to learn a lot about others , I started to learn that if you understand the world the world will understand you , the world will stand beside you and the ppl you love. this life is too short but it’s beautiful and who make it like the people who can put stars at  your dark side. i know i talked a lot but i really want to help the other’s before i help myself . cuz helping ppl and making other’s happy is what helps me and makes me happier more than them. thank you dee for everything. i really respect you and u r my idol and the one who changed my life. I Love You. 🙁

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