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Chapter 43: Page 37
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Chapter 43: Page 37

You have a whole week till next Saturday to throw your guess as to who it is on the other end.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 43: Page 37

  1. I binge-read grey is it just became my favorite manga. I love it so much, it made me realize tons of stuff. It is an eye opener for all of the things that this manga discussed you really did great on conveying those emotions. All I did was cry while reading this, honestly, and seeing your artwork progress and improve as the times goes by is really amazing. I was so glad to find this masterpiece and be able to read it.

  2. I love what White wrote so much!! You’re not only an amazing artist but an awesome writer! Words cannot describe how much I love it <3

    “When are we going to stop allowing the past, which didn’t define us then, from defining us who we are now?” This really touched me. I spend too much time thinking about everything that went wrong in my childhood instead of just enjoying the present. I hope I can apply this quote to my life.

    1. The biggest part of their relationship can be unhealthy, but if they use it well, it can be their strength!

      Thanks a lot for all the comments you leave on the pages, Sanada <3 <3

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