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Chapter 45: Page 16
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Read ahead?

4 thoughts on “Chapter 45: Page 16

  1. I just now watched your January video update of 2018. Hearing all of the work you do for us I wanted to try and express my love for this even if I can’t properly. This series has done a lot for me, for my life. I own every book and up until recently every piece of merchandise, as a highschooler i don’t have a lot of income but what I do have goes to this series.

    I recently figured out something related to this series. I am White, I am so very much like him, every time I hear Black describe White I feel like he is talking to me, I don’t know if it’s a good thing, actually I know it’s not a good thing. Both Black and White, have so many issues and that’s what makes them human, what makes them like me.

    I recently found my Black and oh boy, She is a lot like Black. I’ve never told her because she doesn’t read this series and I think it would hit too close to home for her to bear. We fight, a lot, but we do love each other dearly as friends. We both talk about how we could never date but also can’t see us without each other. She drives me crazy with how aggressive and emotional she can be, so pushy to find out how I’m feeling and always brutally honest. I drive her crazy because I’m so passive, withdrawn and reserved. I never take action without a lot of thought and keep my emotions in check when I know it’ll hurt someone else. All of this nonsense means nothing to anyone here and I’m sure nothing to you, Dee, but somehow it felt really good to say all of that. I’m sorry for cluttering up your comments section, I hope you can feel some sort of love coming from this comment because honestly? This comic helps me figure out my Black sometimes, she’s a mystery and every now and again I’ll just think “Hey, This happened in Grey, maybe it’ll work for me too” and it does

    So thank you, for this story, for my entertainment for years, for the tears and smiles that come from this comic, for helping with my own Black, for helping this poor White figure how my own self works.
    Thank you for everything

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