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Chapter 47: Page 35
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Chapter 47: Page 35

3 thoughts on “Chapter 47: Page 35

  1. I can’t believe the damage black got himself into it….
    My heart is officially broken after this chapter..


    I can’t tell you how much grey is means to me… and the perfection of the storyline …
    And what an ideal person you are..

    i’m 21 and still don’t know what to do for my future… extremely lost ..

    When i read your work I remember myself when i was happy with my imagination as a pure innocent kid ..

    It’s really beautiful how you put your thoughts in those pages ..

    Keep going.. and never stop giving us a reason to continue with our struggles..

    I give you my respect with all my heart..

    1. Aaa Nad, this is such a precious comment! An overestimation of my skills!! It is truly inspiring and encouraging to hear how much you care for my humble story.
      Don’t worry about being lost, early 20s is a time to try and experience lots of things to build steps for your path in the future. Keep holding on to that pure innocent nature. It always comes in handy and it means so much to me to read that you feel it reading my work.
      Thank you so much for your comment and I am sorry about the broken heart though ;P

      1. Thank you for replying with such kind words…
        Can’t be more happy about this..

        So excited about what’s coming next T-T

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