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Chapter 50: Page 16
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Black snaps back, and waters are only getting muddier.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 50: Page 16

  1. Saying that white should stop acting like an angel is not right but it’s time for him to point out Black’s mistakes out loud and for black to speak out too they both need to let whatever is inside them out. Also I know I read it in one of the previous chapters when White was talking to Lana and Ameer about his leaving he muttered that he already told black Lana heard him and asked him what did black say and white said he didn’t approve!! But I have a feeling that white must have left for a strong reason that he has to break his engagement and leave black and his father for 2 years

  2. I’m not sure if blaming White would be a good move here… It’s like Black is never taking responsibility for his actions. White is too damn patience and I really like him to speak out this time. I feel really sorry for Black because it shows that he is really sorry and regret everything he did but as I mentioned before, blaming White is not the way to respond to White’s words. He is still a child at the end.
    Thank you Dee for this amazing manga

  3. Can we just appreciate how much effort is put into the manga I actually love the art style. Keep up the great work!

  4. It’s about time they had this out. I wonder if Black will finally get to find out where White was all this time. Time to scour those wounds clean boys!

      1. I love this series, it’s so emotional and deep. There aren’t many series that get mental health right. But this does. It portrays the emotional rollcoaster that happens in real life. I would just loved to know where you got the inspiration Dee.

    1. It is the time when we pour antiseptic lotion over a wound , it surs would sting a but but this is what would help them heal.

  5. I think it was time for White to take some responsibility. Black is so forgiving that White never has to own up to anything around him, and I think it’s about time he stops playing angel. He’s made mistakes, too.

    1. It’s true. That period of time has been so hard on Black and it was White’s fault he spiraled downwards

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