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Chapter 50: Page 18
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And this has been a strong theory in the story for lots of people.

Read ahead?

3 thoughts on “Chapter 50: Page 18

  1. What if, most unlikely but what if white was also in the card accident and died with anseer (dunno how to spell his name) that’s why white became much worse – uNlIkely but

    1. Wow, if White was however, imaginary then how could everyone feel see and even talk to him? Did they pretend and lie throughout the whole chapters? If White was real, how could Ritta distuingish and point out the fact that White is too “impossible” for the surreal world?

  2. Does Black really means that White is imaginary?! Or is it just because White left and he didn’t remember him clearly? I’m confused is White really from Black’s imagination ? please don’t make him imaginary he’s the best friend a person could have… also their hue faces , Blacks tears? and White’s shocking face? lots of creativity with their expressions..

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