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Chapter 50: Page 20
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Next update is a MASSIVE one.

See you then~

I truly appreciate your words though! Little or big, they’re some sort of an echo that makes me feel like the boys’ words and the story is reaching somewhere.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 50: Page 20

  1. Your work is so realistic, so human so vulnerable and genuine. You describe those feelings so vividly I sometimes have to catch my breath with how truly real they feel. Thank you for sharing your work with us but most of all thank you for giving White and Black each other and for showing us it is possible to be loved, even in the most uneyilding darkness.

  2. I just wanna suggest that you upload chapters as a whole rather than separate pages.. Because I think it’s more satisfying that way especially when your story is so exciting!! And like that we’ll be able to keep up better with it..
    Love your work!

    1. of course.
      you can always check once the chapter finishes updating as a whole. I post an announcement on twitter when it’s all out.
      Thank you for the suggestion!

    2. I’ve been here three times today thinking it’s Saturday ( I have the day off) just remembered it’s only Friday. ☺

      1. Your story, (rather, the boys’ stories) always bring me light. Thank you for bringing the two most precious boys in our life. Your story reached my heart everytime ???

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