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Chapter 51: Page 22
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One thought on “Chapter 51: Page 22

  1. Is it bad that the more snippets we get of Yaldar… the more curious I am about why he’s so messed up, the more pity I feel for him, and the angrier I get at him for hurting black?

    I get that he’s got mental problems and likely went through a trauma himself… but my main question for him is why… why did he snap on black… why did he turn out the way he did, why did he go from quiet and lonely to abusive… why did he choose to turn it on black…

    At first I had thought the abuse was from black’s dad… but then we found out it was from Yaldar… was he jealous of black getting along with his parents? I have so many questions!

    Also… black is such a sweet cinnamon roll… I want to hug him and tell him everything will turn out well in the end… but at the same time I want to drag white into the hug even though he doesn’t like touching others much…

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