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Chapter 52: Page 15
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One thought on “Chapter 52: Page 15

  1. I read all of this in three days. I have never encountered a story like this, with such realistic portrayals of the struggles I’ve gone thru. I completely relate to black… So much so ive cried every time he does. I know his pain, the exact same kinds of pain. The trauma, the ptsd, the spotty memory and the urge… The addiction to self harm. I feel his frustration towards white for leaving and focusing on the self harm and I also feel how incredibly attached he is to the one rare person that truly understands him. This story completely captivates me- because I have lived black’s life and im even his age. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a story that has helped me grow and learn about myself and my problems/past through Black’s struggle and white’s efforts to help him. You’ve definitely earned a patron and I hope you continue this story for a much longer time, as im just finding it and plan to buy all the print copies as well. once again- thank you.

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