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Chapter 54: Page 02
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let’s dive in White’s black hole of a mind, shall we?

Starting next week

13 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 02

  1. I feel like I do not want to know,, I mean I want to I’m curious at the same time because white resemble me somehow I’m scared,, this is the pandora box we’re going open am I right?

  2. You can’t do this to me! I can’t wait this long to know what happened! I’m trying hard to think about it and there are so many possibilities but at the same time none at all…It’s so out of character-not out of character for him to act like this…I just love everything about it…And I’m so frigging curious what happened. Let’s see If any of m guesses turns out to be right 😀 AndI’mevenmore curious to see how he reacts to what he did…
    (Long time silent fan here that tries to catch every stream and is anxiously waiting for every little update and reloads your twitter hourly, Thanksfor all the work you are doing, and the thought and heart you put into this. One day Imight writhe a longer message but it was a tiring day….But i couldn’t not say anything to THIS page…^^”)

    Have a good one!

    1. Oh my gosh what happened. Now I’m left to try to guess what took place does White have asthma or some relapse of a condition he used to have. Like I’m so curious. These cliffhangers both kill me and get me excited for what’s to come next. ?????

      1. I feel like something similar has happened before since Danial inquired if White hurt anybody as if…

    2. thanks Cory! I’ve that you decided to write this comment. It makes me so happy to hear your enthusiasm about the events. The events will start moving in an intense pace now and I hope you enjoy it all and by the end, find satisfaction in it all unfolding.
      White losing his cool is sure something I’m glad it motivated you to express <3
      thank you so much again!
      Have a good one too

  3. What on earth happened to you White!?
    These clifhangers will be the end of me, y’know. °^°

      1. I do enjoy it, in fact I enjoy it so much I can’t express it with words. Aand that is the reason why I can’t stand waiting.. 🙂 But still, after the long wait – even a week seems soo long sometimes- it bring such pleasure and exitement each time .
        So thank you again for the wonderful story dee!

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