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Chapter 54: Page 06
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 06

  1. I personally disagree with Jad. Of course He can’t see his face (And I think you did an awesome job subtely showing how tired and broken he is without putting too much the finger on it) but I find his behavior very … unsetteling. Because it’s not wrong, but its also not right. He acts like White, but he also doesn’t. It feels like it is not the White we know, so in this case I find his calm actions speak especially loud for him not being okay. The facade he keeps up in front of himself to keep functioning and just keep moving is very suffocating in a way. I am actually surprised Jad, as preceptive as he usually is, doesn’t seem to see this. Or he does and intentionally poke the finger inside of it. I am very curious how it will all unfold.

  2. Jad and White’s beginnings may not speak well to Jad’s character, but once he got himself together he has really been an amazing father.
    I hope White is starting to see that being an adult is not as simple as it looks when you are a child and has begun to look upon his father with a softer eye.

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