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Chapter 54: Page 10
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Read ahead?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 10

  1. Honestly, I can Imagine so many things happening here… The most “obvious” I guess Would be black standing in front of the door. And tho I would just love that, I kind of feel like thats not how it’s gonna end up? Because I feel like your story-telling style is not as straightforward and rather tries to mislead us. Again, Id be very glad, But my theories go more in the direction either his mom (which would be very wierd, just thought about it cause he touched the theme with lana), Blacks father (Uh-Oh) or maybe (And I don’t know why I have this stuck in my head) Ritta, telling White that Black is in the hospital after a suicide/or cutting attempt. I thought about Jaldar too, But I doubt they let him out of the institution. I am whatever the story will unfold, very curious and totally In for the ride! And… BE ASHAMED OF THIS CLIFFHANGER! MY HEART!

    1. The shadow has A coat and boots…Black wore a coat and boots…on the other hand he took it off…I guess Ill just have to wait a week T_T

    2. I don’t know why but I feel like it’s his mother.. I’m hoping not because then white might lose it ? I would love it if it was black coming to talk out with white and make up plzzzzzz be black

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