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Chapter 54: Page 11
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Read ahead?

3 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 11

  1. Ahhhh… I was kind of hoping for this 😀 This is gonna be interesting. Oh white, You gotta be strong now. Im curious what Noir is gonna say to make white THIS angry (I am kind of expecting a Jaldar speach…I mean…one like he gave to Jaldar. Which I personally thought was great, but maybe not what White needs/wants to hear right now….or …ever… the type of logical, distanced, not emotional talk, is probably not gonna sit well with him with all those bottled up feelings of how this whole mess all started with blacks father…) 😀 I mean…in case it IS Noir that white is beating up…and not the pavement or something. Also…In case it IS, Im curious what black is gonna say/think when he finds out? Okay…not drawing any conclusions here, Im just gonna patiently wait and see how everything unfolds:D Tho here I was the past days Re-reading grey is again and theorizing the hell out of everything (fully well aware that I’m probably completely wrong) but now I realize that I, in fact, I really was wrong 😀 The Idea had blossomed in my mind, that The beginning scene of this chapter with Danial was actually in the past, when white left. The fact that white points out (back when they were on tour with the band) that black wanted to talk to him back then (having something to say) was kinda related to him disappearing and blacks theory that he was in prison, the fact that in a chapter cover you showed from volume 8 White doesnt wear the Hand protection (which I assumed to be a more serious injury which doesnt heal THAT fast, and since the books don’t have big timeskips it was suspicious to me that it would be already gone, but I guess it doesn’t mean anything =D) and a lot of other little facts (I spend so much time comparing outfits and hair lengths and even Danials beard…yes…I might have gone a little crazy trying to prove/disprove my theory) had led me to believe, that maybe that was in the past. That Black revealed something to white that he didnt know yet and that made him flip out and beat someone or something up, he then goes to Danial with that hand and stuff happens…which might have ended up in prison or a psychiatric ward or who knows what…(also…whats the deal with white being so angry with Inad… I totally forgot just HOW mad he is at him. That it is not just antipathie but that there clearly is a story there (As again shown in the Band arc) (I got already more suspicious of him after your last stream as you hinted that there was clearly stuff being revealed in volume 7/8 about Inad that at this point we don’t know yet, but…now re-reading his reaction again…gah…)
    Finishing this way too long and rambly comment up, I’m glad Black actually tries to cope and plans to go to the party, insteadt of drowning at home in his loneliness. He is desperate but he is trying so so hard to stay afloat. Strong lil’ bunny. Im proud of him and his strength. As long as he can still uphold it. I hope he finds white/white finds him before the loneliness does… But I fear that won’t be the case…
    P.S.: “I assume Black isn’t as tall.” ouch. doesn’t this just perfectly sum up just how broken their relationship is. Him (obviously) not even knowing his size.

    1. P.P.S.: I really love how you go through the headlines of the Chapter-cover and the transition with white and black at the door is beautiful

      1. Is this after their big fight or just before he white was gonna disappear because its mood change is so drastic

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