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Chapter 54: Page 18
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tucker doppelgänger is up to no good.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 18

  1. I SWEAR TO GOD BLACK, IF YOU DO THIS WHITE IS GONNA GET SOOO UPSET. And don’t fool yourself thinking he won’t find out. cause lets be real. It’s White. he WILL find out. Theres no way he won’t. Not that I think you are thinking about that at the moment…BUT PLEASE. Also… Irina SAVE THE SITUATION PLEASE! You know this world, Im sure you know the guy too, you gotta save Baby Bee! But even if you confront him…now frigging Tucker planted a seed in his head i suppose…Black be strong! Well…Danial said to let him hit Rock bottom…But still…Hhhh….conflicted feelings here -.-

    1. I would love to say I trust Black to be “strong” enough to decline in the last moment, but lets be honest…he doesn’t really have the best track record. And the despair is just so overwhelming…(And hey, a guy thinking breaking your arm instead of cutting yourself is a win against hawkman, probably can justify taking drugs as a win against cutting too) I just hope he still keeps on caring and fighting in some way and this is not the point where he completely gives up on himself…

  2. No nO NO!!! Does he sell drugs?! No Black do not fall for that!!!!!!! It will make you even worse T_T DAAAAMN IT I hate that Tucker dude

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