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Chapter 54: Page 32
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now let’s take a look inside this head.

One thought on “Chapter 54: Page 32

  1. Since i couldn’t ask on stream, is there a reason you chose to change “erase” for webtoons to “kill” and later with Danial from “devils advocat” to “the otger side of the argument”~ ? Is it because of the audience?

    And i managed to listen on the phone for a minute where you were talking about “where to draw the line” with people acting bad because of their own pain and personally i thought…does there need to be a line? I dont think tgere is, objectively speaking. Because there are way too many factors that cant be objectively rated. I think it is something that you can just grade subjectively based on your own feelings experiences situation values and morals. There is no right or wrong. I think its very much as grey as it can get.

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