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Chapter 54: Page 39
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Chapter 54: Page 39

oh no…

3 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 39

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is my understanding so far:
    When White said he we finally going to be brave and do what he beloved was right, he meant that he’d stand up to his fears – the likes of which this chapter exposes. Essentially, he meant that he’d stay out of Black’s life till life casually brought them together so that Black may learn to grow and live and heal himself without White – which is a form of White facing his fears since he desperately wants to belong with Black who is his rock, his home.
    But when everything he’d planned in his head didn’t play out in real life, all that fear he’d been trying to face suddenly overwhelmed him and now he can’t think straight. Now he’s losing it since he’s so lost in the labyrinth of his mind and that’s why he thinks he’s going to leave again unless Danial has some advice – because leaving is the easiest way since it means running away from his fears rather than facing them.
    Please tell me I understood because I’m a total clueless airhead sometimes and I’d hate to misinterpret this masterpiece 😭

      1. No worries! If anything I must thank you. I’ve read all of Grey Is… and have now started clippings. It is, no exaggeration, the best manga I have ever read. You’ve spent so much of time and energy to bring this work to life – 10 ish years on a project that would have otherwise been so easy to give up on, considering all the obstacles. And yet here you are 🙂
        I pray you are given success in every aspect of your life, and that goodness comes from the work you do

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