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Chapter 54: Page 41
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Climax. Climax everywhere~

A very short hiatus of one or two weeks, then we’ll be back to see whichever advice Danial has for White.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 54: Page 41

  1. I just really internalized that (Besides When he beat Black) This is the FIRSt time, we see him showing emotion. He is always apathic and emotionless on the surface, never moving a facial muscle but here he is screaming rising up against his shackles and crying. The artistic choice of leaving it in the sketch-stage is perfect.

  2. Before all I really look foward to the next update and what White will get to hear.

    Now I would like to . . Tell something. I found this story years ago, I sadly can’t remember how many but it was around the time that Black broke his arm. Back then I probably wasn’t even out fully of an mimdset and enviorement that was very harmful to me and I loved the story then because of all the pain I felt reflected. Just a few days ago I remembered this story about two boys called Black and White and that tjey were close friends despite their differences and that I never fully understood tho what the story was about. Now I am 25 and dealing with a lot of aftermath and pain and struggles in even the mundane things and ways. And more than ever I feel like I love this, your story, so very much. Because I feel like it reflects so many thoughts and troubles we all have and face but rarely know how to fully put into words or if we even can or want to. But it also tells a story that is in a way more drastic and wonderful yet heartbreaking and I look foward to finding out more a long the way.
    Thank you for your amazing work.

  3. oof…OOF….oof… I remember you warning on stream there will be a long update coming because you dont want to cut the action, but I didn’t think It would come THIS quickly. The bliss…the joy….I can’t…oof. I can’t believe how much just happened. How packed those “few” pages were. And I can’t possibly put into words how much I love them. there is no way. Oh my…
    First off, Black im SO frigging proud of you. You are so much further then I feared you were and I’m so glad to see that. Good that Tucker…Zack…Butthole-Person chose those exact words. Perfect timing for the push. And i ust love how worried everyone is. I mean, in theory that is nothing good, of course, because it means they have a reason to worry. But seeing people truly care about and know Black just warms my heart somehow. In a messed up way. And that they informed white and he came…I am glad they didn’t meet there. I’m glad Black didn’t actually storm out and white didn’t choose to enter.They reallyneed this…this would have been so bad for them…As black perfectly sais it. They can’t go down that route AGAIN. No, they have to fix this differently… somehow…
    White…It hurts so much to see him in so much pain. But I’m glad he has enough now, Not only Black needs to hit Rock bottom but White too. And it seems he has. Or at least the most Rock-bottom he can hit while still coming out alive. The fact that he really wants advice from Danial now, (even if he has paid him at least once before, we never heared him asking for advice) and that he admits that he would otherwise leave again shows how also he really wants to change an make this work. And I am very happy for him, that he, as painful as it is right now, gets confronted with all these thruths and thoughts and feelings that he tried to contain, to run away from, and to tame. He is now faced with a situation he cant run away from, because to his own demise, he wants to stay. I wish him all the strength <3 Lets see what Danial is about to tell him.
    COnsidering that the Arc is still covering chapter 55 and 56, and your current pacing is a rollercoaster, There seems to be still abit to come 😀
    Whites Thoughts and feelings are more then understandable. Not only the worries about black but especially the hurt part of him. Having to be the guardian, the one always looking out for black,being a grown up and always in his head how to protect and fix things, of course he needs to be taken care of too. Of course he is hurt. and tired. of course he wants someone "for once" to make the first step toards him. for him to be on the recieving end. And The "he cant keep on living like this"(along those lines) also makes perfect sense. My sister always sais "the things bothering you the most on others are the things you already overcame". Of course for once white knows black cant live a violent life, towards others or himself, but I think the feeling also stems from him having had to grow up and leave all his flaws behind and seeing Black living with his flaws, I can imagine it itches a nerve.
    And White, I get you. I was also worried about Blacks covering up his arm bt since he said what he said (What you didnt hear…) I trust that we are both worried for nothing! (for now… Still got this one picture from your trailer in my head I cant forget and live in fear till Black is happy again xD)
    I love the panel-line with the "after Black attacked Ty I was afraid of losing him…and then i was afraid of losing him…(…)". It just portraits him so much. I appreciate so much how realisitc and down to earth their story is. It is not some samarittan "i am scared for him" but the honest "I dont want to be alone." The wa they act, think feel and talk is jsut…You are very talented in Storytelling. And Iam incredibly glad that I am able to read such a fantastic and beautiful story. Thank you.
    On a different note and quick thoughts cause this is again already WAY TO LONG:
    – Oh my god how terrible must black have felt after Larissas miscarriage…
    – Call me crazy but I somehow really enjoy White x Noir dynamic. through that white has black and Noir had Jad, they jsut know in a wierd way how to talk to eachother. and it jsut…fits…(Background and all aside) I personally would love to see more of them
    – Yes Jaldar, YES, you are getting there. Speaking out loud the thing that has been bugging you since forever and that hurts you is a good step! Im proud. Black always had what you didnt have…and he could always do things you couldnt… (rings a bell Mr.White?). But its not about what someone has what you dont…it is about what you can do yourself…keep it up! Im curious how his story part will progress. If he is "forgotten" "succsessful in his attempt to end his life" if he gets "redemption and forgiveness from black" or "black doesnt forgive him"…we will see. (of course i have my thoughts to that but…ya know, lengthy mesage and such)
    PS: I shall refrain from commenting on every single page…Im enough of a fangirl already. No need to get more annoying then absolutely necessary xD

    1. I absolutely love to read your comments!! They help put things more into perspective and I can better understand the story and see things I never saw. Thanks!!

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me. This genuinely makes me happy. Im glad you can take something from this messy boiled down version of my thoughts and feelings ^^ I hope you keep enoy reading the story <3

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