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Chapter 59: Page 15
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 59: Page 15

  1. This is so frustrating because I know he’s right, and I want to prove him wrong by being better but damn, I still have the hughe urge to punch him in the face.

    Honestly, these few pages are incredible, the whole manga is, but these pages in particular really hit me (no pun intended). First you show us his reasoning which obviously is wrong and gets you frustrated with him.
    Then the question.
    Of course the situation is different but on the other hand… it’s still violence for your own satisfaction and wrong, no matter the reason.
    So we can’t be violent or we will be just like him, no matter how satisfying it would be. In the end it will be more satisfying to show him that were better.

    (I won’t say violence is always wrong because it can be necessary for self defense but that’s a different debate.)

    So, like TKtheAce said: it makes you want to scream.

  2. …. even having said that, I still want to hit you sometimes…. ughh this makes me want to scream!!!

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