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Chapter 66: Page 27
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Chapter 66: Page 27

2 thoughts on “Chapter 66: Page 27

  1. The last updates(p24-27) made me feel good, I like that you never forgot the other characters, and their growth, even if it’s not that impactful, it gives the story a sense of life, and reality in it, I’m excited about Waseem especially, because teenagers have more time to think than adults, and their sense of self is still being created, to see Black in his mind growing years is going to have a mark, good or bad, or both and I’m thrilled to see how you unpack it.

    Another thing is that your perspective of life is very much interesting, the way you use everyday to day experiences, yet never actually see them in that way, makes a new window to life.
    I wish there were more stories like yours, to see somebody’s view of the world, the problems we face, maybe solutions, to raise questions, to discuss, to stop to live the moment, and when to move on, when to forgive and when to fight.

    Writing such a story needs so much time, energy, and support, I only hope you have plenty of them, thank you for your hard work.

    Q: If any novel, manga, story, film, anything helped you build Grey is…, I would love to have a look at them.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and heartfelt words, Leen!
      I often find my works boring in comparison to other works and the lack of interactions sometimes make me feel that the way I write isn’t engaging or attractive enough, especially with the themes and all that you shared in hyour comment, but as a plus rather than the way I sometimes look at it.
      So thank you so much for your comment! it means a lot to me for real <3

      I don't think there are an titles I can share. My writing stems from the sum of what I read, viewed, played and witnessed. How I understood it, what made me love it and many times what I hated and how I challenged myself to try and make it better, at least to my eyes.

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