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Chapter 74: Page 01
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Chapter 74: Page 01

5 thoughts on “Chapter 74: Page 01

  1. Hmmmm… Well of course I love it so much but can’t help but try to dig deep into the meaning behind it this is Grey is… by dee after all so gotta focus!

    There is Jad and inside Jad there is adult smiling Black who’s kinda caring little smiling White…
    Of course Black has a little of his head outside the water according to dee he’s finally emerging…
    And little White looks SO relaxed
    Black has this “I finally found you little one” affectionate look on his face

    1. Of course how can I forget the popcorn papers! And the stems of the plants
      Also they’re not in Jad’s head they’re closer to his heart but more like in his throat… And he’s the only one not smiling…
      Is Jad hiding more stuff from both of them?

      Aaaaaa i really really love this manga

      1. Little White…. Who used his heart more than adult White
        Little White who was so talkative and outgoing and impulsive
        The little boy with so many words

        Adult Black who now thinks adult Black who is trying to look at people and trying to help them in the way the suits them not what he believes is right

        Looking forward this arc even more

        1. Sorry sorry sorry! White was and is never impulsive! I meant who takes action!

          It’s sooo offensive to call White impulsive

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