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Chapter in-between 4
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Chapter in-between 4

14 thoughts on “Chapter in-between 4

  1. Love love love grey is…this might be my all time favorite manga and artist. They way you tell the story,the suspense, the flashbacks, the emotions, thoughts and actions, EVERYTHING about this has me addicted!! Lol ..Personally I Have read very few manga that have similar story telling capabilities you have especially for longer stories.. This is a story I have and can re read over and over again.. Thank you so much for creating such a masterpiece!!!! Can’t wait for more and I really really love how this page ended with “what is grey” ..i get caught up with the emotions I forget about the title and focus on the story so when the page ended with that question I was like WOW!! Everything is being tied together (hopefully that makes sense I’m just so excited because now I’m going to re read the story again lol)
    Thanks again for your work!!!!!

      1. It’ll be clearer with next update that it’s the start of a flashback and that is in fact Danial on the chair. It’s empty in the first panel then he’s on in the next. The snow is another thing to show it’s another time, since the story Danial is telling now from the start of this book is in the present time, which is summer.
        I understand that a lot of these details get lost with page updates, but I hope the next update clears this confusion.

  2. Oh I want to know more*^*
    Thanks for your work Dee
    You’ve improved so much!!!
    You’re awesome <3
    It will sound silly, but I love the snow in this page

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