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Chapter in-between 8
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Chapter in-between 8

What “Grey is…”, there is your answer.

Next week, ch34

8 thoughts on “Chapter in-between 8

  1. It’s White! Wow, you did such an amazing job concealing what was going on, it’s only after Volume 6 that we could really tell what this chapter meant. And I see what you mean about it needing to be said during the first arc, but at the same how time it fits better with the current arc.
    It’s so clever how you’ve made it work both ways without giving the plot away! ?

  2. Waaaaaaaaaa~h! OwO >w<

    THAT HOMEPAGE ART! Fascinating! YOU GO GIRL! …I am so enthralled for more Grey Is…

  3. Aghhh! I’m going crazy trying to figure this out! I figure it has to be someone we knew. I don’t think it’s black because the patient still goes to the therapy and he wouldn’t. My sister suggested Yaldar but it looked like the patient has short black hair instead of the like long blonde/white hair. so now I’m going between White and Inad because they both have short black hair, I’m leaning towards white because he knows everything so so well, it’s the closer to Black telling the story as you could get with him not but the smoking thing is throwing me off. I can’t remember if Inad smokes and we know White doesn’t but for now I’m going stick with him as my guess for the patient. I can’t wait for the next update! not to mention the book gonna finish and come out on preorder soon enough

  4. So nice so far.
    My love for Grey is… Grows up with every page
    I love your work Dee, Thanks you for your work

    1. I couldn’t agree more or have said it any better….she’s truly amazing & I’m so very glad she shares her hard work with us!

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