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I’ve set myself a few challenges to take in this one. First, I drew the all panels borderless, in which a character, background, speech bubbles, sound effects and shading are making the shape of the border or parts of it. I trust your brain will do the rest and make the shape of the panel.
The other challenge is that I’m drawing the whole thing with one brush (Calligraphy brush at various sizes) on one layer and getting the final look from the start by drawing and cleaning up. That would explain the change in style if you happen to notice it Special chapters are always a room for me to experiment

Read ahead?

4 thoughts on “Special Chapter 04: Our Reason

  1. At first my shipping ass thought “I love you,” But thinking logically about the sentence itself, in addition to knowing this is a platonic relationship and knowing White, my thought shifted to “I live…” To live for someone else is a feeling I have yet to experience…WHITE WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE US CRY LIKE THAT T^T

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