A comment to remember

Today I had a meeting with a cool storyteller who is interested in a collab. We had such an intense nerdy full-of-enthusiasm talk about manga, comics, stories and, depth and realism in stories. 

One of the great comments he gave me, which made me realize why I enjoy the genre I write under (whatever that is), was the following…

“You know what I like about your work and what made me approach you for my project?”

He picks up Grey is… and opens the first page with the colored smiling Black and White and says; “You look at this drawing and just get this feeling that everything is going to be okay, then…”

He flips randomly and the spread in the 2nd photo appears and he continues;

“then you get one like this and get the feeling that nothing will ever be okay again. Then vice versa.

Isn’t that how life is?”

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