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I’d like to share some info about Grey is… and Black and White as story elements.
The logo of the story is; Grey is… Black and White. That makes Black and White are just as important for the story on the contrary of the belief that Black is the main character.

Just because the first volume started from Black’s point of view doesn’t mean he’s the main character in any way. Now that I’m working on Volume 02 (chapter 009) I can tell that above all the reasons for me to start with Black, the no. 1 reason is that White totally got the better part of the deal because I’ve improved more as a writer and as an artist since I started and presenting White in a better story telling and more polished look, makes it better for him, being a writer and the calm organized person he is.

I started Grey is… confused and unsure of how everything will turn out and that totally what Black is in the first 7 chapters, while White who is more confident and systematic got the better written chapters so unintentionally it turned out well ^^

What are the roles of Black and White?

Usually, I get the question “will we get to know more about White in the future?” and as I said before; yes of course. The first 7 chapters is about Black and the second ones are about White.
BUT, even though there are info that are provided about White only as a person, it’s still about Black’s life.

I’ll use basic story elements to explain why and how;

A Main Character is the player through whom the audience experiences the story first hand.

A Protagonist is the prime mover of the plot.

Black is the main character. He is the one that is like you, readers. Doesn’t know a thing and his memory issues strengthen that point. While White is the protagonist; the character that is leading the charge towards the story goal; getting over their issues that were established from what happened in Black’s home.
Together they make the hero;
A Hero is a combination of both Main Character and Protagonist.

White is the character that knows it all, and for those who asked me before; who I relate to more between the two I say that of course it’s White who I’m more connected to.
I’m hardly as calm, collected and level headed as he is XD ( I wish to be though), but in the general sense, he’s the character that knows it all (where do you think his headaches come from lol) , kind of like what J. K . Rowling said about Dumbldore;

Rowling said that Dumbledore speaks for her, as he “knows pretty much everything” about the Harry Potter universe. Rowling mentioned Dumbledore regrets “that he has always had to be the one who knew, and who had the burden of knowing. And he would rather not know.”


White’s life was normal until he entered Black’s life and he took his problems as his own from day one.
There are present events of course that you get to see White’s action about, but regarding what you and Black don’t know, he knows it just like I do.

You’ll get to know more and more about White gradually, he’s like those characters that reveal themselves gradually (Fai from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles or Yuuko from xxxHolic)

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