Parenting is really scary. Treating a kid badly is evil but sometimes, I think that neglected kids are in a worst place.

They feel neglected and unwanted throughout their lives, most of the time. Treated badly, can give one strength to fight against it, to run away, to crave something better, to even, justify it (Stockholm’s Syndrome) sadly. But neglected kids that aren’t paid attention to, have nothing to fight against and one can never justify why their parents, their own blood wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them.

When I share such cruel realities, I’m not trying to talk to ones that lived a similar kind of life (I hope nobody does) but I try to share awareness so you and I, try to do it better. Even if you’re not and don’t want to be a parent. You’re a sibling, a relative, a friend, a teacher, a writer, etc.

Feeling neglected harms kids, adults and elders quite the same. Think of your parents, an old friend you know, someone at the back of your mind that you often feel they’r alone, reach out and let them know someone is there.

Being new to this life (a kid) or an old one (elders) fills the soul with insecurity and fear, so it’s best to try and make them feel at home rather than ignore them.

If you’re the one feeling neglected or lonely, open your window at night and look at all the lights glowing on the ground. Someone is out there feeling the same as you are and that shall make it less lonely until a person comes into your life. Hope has been in this life for as long as time has been. 

Keep a smile on everyone

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