School days (2016 – Clip Studio Paint)

Boys under trees could be an alternate title for Grey is 😛

okay, story trivia time;

White was in a public school while Black was in a private one. So White had more freedom when it comes to skipping school, leave early or what method he uses to go back home.

He used to take his skateboard and Black’s roller skates and wait by his friend’s school gate, in hope that the smaller boy would be able to make his way there without trouble like getting caught by the guard or some teacher.

Black, the pro liar, always found a way to justify his being around the gate if caught, while Violet used to get lots of calls from the school to inform her “your son wasn’t in the school bus.” “Your son wasn’t picked up by his brother.” “His sister says you approve of him leaving the school on his own.” etc. etc

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